Inflatable Kayaks

Get out on the water in no time at all with our range of inflatable kayaks — only a 10-minute pump away, our inflatable kayaks are compact and won't hog all the space in your spare room or garage when they’re not in use. For beginners and experts, find your fit here.
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Aquatone Playtime

Aquatone Playtime

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Glide through the water in inflatable kayaks and canoes from Decathlon. Take your pick from a selection of quality kayaks, whether you’re looking for a 1-person inflatable kayak or upsizing to an inflatable kayak 2 person or inflatable kayak 3 person to get together as a family – we stock all sizes right here.

Blow Up Kayaks

Our blow-up kayaks are the popular choice for kayakers everywhere and are a great option for those new to the sport. An inflatable kayak is usually more affordable than a rigid kayak, yet is remarkably strong and durable, so you can use our Decathlon blow-up kayaks with confidence. In addition, carrying an inflatable kayak is a much easier task as our range of blow-up kayaks are easy to dismantle and inflate when needed, making for easier handling and storage too — and we’re all about convenience.

1 Person Inflatable Kayak

Taking a solo adventure to the open water? Do it on the single inflatable kayak that promises stability and comfort no matter how long you’re paddling. Our powerful single inflatable kayak is made to withstand the roughest of weather conditions and terrain with its high-pressure drop stitch bottom and does not compromise on stability or performance.

Inflatable Kayak 2/3 Person

Discover our range of inflatable kayaks 2/3 person for unrivalled comfort throughout your time on the open water. Our inflatable kayak 2/3 person feature raised seats to add to your comfort and make paddling easier as you paddle from a raised platform. You’ll also feel the difference in the stability to rival our rigid kayak alternatives as you enjoy the experience with the peace of mind you need to make your trip count. Our double inflatable kayaks can seat a maximum of three adults and have become the go-to family option for holidays everywhere. Don’t forget, we offer all the kayak spare parts you need to upkeep and maintain your kayak in the perfect condition you bought it in.

Make sure to stock up on the right kayak paddlesandkayak wetsuits in time for your next trip.

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