Walking Poles

Walking poles are often a misunderstood bit of hiking kit. They aren’t only for the elderly, they can add additional stability and support for any hiker. Hiking poles aren't essential, but it’s one of those extras that can make your walk much more comfortable.
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How to choose hiking poles

Leki Legacy Lite AS Trekking Poles

Leki Legacy Lite AS Trekking Poles

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Stryder 2 Piece Walking Pole Set (Black)

Stryder 2 Piece Walking Pole Set (Black)

Currently out of stock online
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Walking poles are great tools for any type of terrain. They can help you to keep your balance while walking and can give you extra stability on loose ground. There are many different types of walking poles out there, but they all have similar features, including a comfortable handle, adjustable length, and a wrist strap.

Walking poles are essential for those interested in Nordic walking. Nordic walking is a style of walking that engages the full body, and you’ll find a range of Nordic walking equipment and Nordic walking shoes available at Decathlon if you’re looking for a new hobby to get fitter.


When used correctly, a set of walking sticks for hiking can give you stability on loose ground and help take the impact away from your knees to ensure a more comfortable walk. Keep your arms in a neutral position and use your shoulders to drive forwards with the pole. Walking poles can also help with going up and downhill.

The idea of walking poles is to extend your balance area, which means you’re less likely to fall. When going uphill with poles, you can shorten the pole and use your upper body to help pull you up. Hiking poles are a good way to descend hills quicker and more safely.


Just because we're getting older, it shouldn’t mean we can’t remain active. Getting out onto those hiking trails is a great way to keep fit and enjoy nature. But we do have to be careful, especially on uneven paths and loose, rocky terrain. Even for the most agile of people, some hiking trails can be dangerous. So if you're looking for walking poles for seniors, we have a wide range to choose from. Tough and durable, walking poles will ensure a safe and comfortable walk on your next adventure. And when you're not using them, just attach them to your hiking backpack, or use the side pockets to store them away. Browse our range of walking poles, and check out our other hiking accessories.

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