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Whether you have a handheld walking GPS or you rely on a GPS app on your phone, maintaining the battery life while you're on the move can be tricky. That’s where a solar power bank or portable phone charger can help. Check out our range.
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The thought of running out of battery life on your portable GPS or phone can be quite daunting when you’re in the middle of nowhere. We're relying more and more on our phones for apps, and on our camera for capturing photos of our adventures. But this quickly drains the battery.

At Decathlon, you’ll find a range of power banks and portable phone chargers that you can charge up at home and plug your phone into to give you that extra battery charge when you're out and about. You’ll also find solar chargers that you can attach to your hiking day pack and benefit from all that solar power while you’re walking and store it for when you need it.


A solar battery charger is a portable battery that charges up when in direct sunlight. This allows it to store up juice on sunny days for when your smartphone or other devices need charging up. And there are usually different output slots on these chargers so you can charge up different devices.

Solar power banks are the perfect travel companion, and are great for charging batteries in phones, radios, and torches. And they're handy for taking on a hiking or camping trip, or just having clipped to your bag for a day at the beach, or even for your commute to work.


Solar battery chargers work by converting the sun's rays directly into electrical power. The amount of time it takes for a solar battery charger to fully charge a battery varies depending on factors such as the size of the battery, how much sunlight is hitting the solar panel, and the efficiency of the solar panel. Many solar battery chargers have a built-in timer that tells users when their batteries are fully charged.

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