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Life can sometimes be unpredictable, so don't take any chances when you're hiking. It's easy to get lost in areas you haven't explored before. And with rocky terrain and changeable weather conditions, injuries can happen, so you need to pack a few key survival items to get you through a few hours, or even maybe a night, until help arrives.


A hiking survival kit is easy to put together, and you probably already have most it. You just need to make sure you pack it in your hiking backpack so you're all prepared.


Dehydration is a serious risk and it can sneak up on you—even in cold weather, so make sure your bottle is full when you set off. A single-walled stainless steel bottle can also be used to boil water in to make it safe to drink. Or a small water filter is even better.


Whether you buy a kit or put one together yourself, it should include items such as an emergency foil blanket, scissors, tweezers, plasters, antibacterial wipes, bandages, and tape so you're ready for any minor emergency.


There are lots of APPS you can download onto your phone to track your movements on the trail so you don't get lost. But what if you've lost your phone, or it has run out of battery? A detailed map and a compass will be key pieces of equipment to help you find your way.


Fire has many uses - it keeps as warm and it allows us to cook and boil water too to make it safer to drink. It can also act as a signalling tool to alert searchers to your location. A good quality lighter is a key item, and you should also pack some ready-to-light tinder in case you struggle to find something dry to burn. It's also a good idea to pack some basic cooking equipment and some non-perishable food in case you should become stranded.

You should also consider packing some warm hiking clothing, and if you're going for a longer hike, then you'll need a good lightweight tentand asleeping bag too.