Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are a great lightweight alternative to wearing boots. A good pair of hiking shoes will still be sturdy enough to handle lowland rambles and trail walking in warmer months, but won’t feel as cumbersome on your feet. Browse styles for men, women and kids.
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You don’t always need to wear walking boots; sometimes, it can feel a bit much to lace up a pair of boots for your walk. Walking shoes are the perfect middle ground between your day-to-day shoes and walking boots. They still have a rigid sole to help tackle varying terrain, offering more support than a standard pair of trainers, but they’ll feel much lighter on your feet than a pair of boots.


Ladies walking shoes or hiking trainers are ideal for lowland rambles or trail walking - something to keep your foot in place while walking when you don’t need the ankle support of a boot. And when the sun shines, there’s nothing better than a pair of walking sandals to let your feet breathe when you’re out exploring your local National Park or a picturesque countryside village. Try out our range of walking sandals for women, men and kids.


Walking shoes have a sole and a heel that provides traction and stability while walking. And there are many different types of walking shoes to choose from. Walking shoes are sturdy and make for the ideal day-to-day shoes, and as the range at Decathlon is such good value for money, why wait until you're out walking to wear them? Team your hiking shoes up with a fresh pair of walking socks for the ultimate comfort, and check out our walking shoe and boot insoles which can help keep your feet dry and comfortable and help relieve pain if you're suffering from injury, like our Plantar Gel insoles for those looking for more comfort and cushioning under the foot.

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