Hiking Sunglasses

Your average pair of sunglasses simply won't do on an uptempo hike in the wilderness. But our range of hiking sunglasses are perfectly suited to any adventure. Wherever you're heading, check out our huge range of sunglasses and accessories for the whole family.
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How to choose your sport sunglasses

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If you've got an exciting hiking or camping trip planned, you've probably put a lot of thought in to your kit. The perfect backpack? Check. Comfortable walking boots? Check. Backpacking tent? Check. But what about a reliable pair of sunglasses? Can you use your every day pair or are specific hiking sunglasses best?

Anyone who's ever hiked through rough terrain wearing a normal pair of sunglasses will know they can be uncomfortable, and can fall off your face, a lot! You'll want a shape that follows the curve of your face and possibly has a cord to secure behind your head or around your neck, to make doubly sure they don't fall off and get damaged. And don't forget to use a protective sunglasses case when you're not wearing them too.


As well as the fit, ventilated panels, polarised lenses and comfy rubber arms are all good features when it comes to a good pair of hiking sunglasses. And at Decathlon, we have a wide range to choose from. Designed by our in-house hiking and camping brand Quechua - whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or planning your family’s first stay in the great outdoors, Quechua provides you with innovative, reliable products to make your trips safe, comfortable, and of course, fun.


Lenses are probably the most important part of your sunglasses as they reflect light and UV rays. And there are a few different types of lenses to consider. Polarised lenses are designed to filter out reflected light and reduce glare. And by doing so, colours become richer and depth of vision is improved. They are also crucial is you are spending time in the snow, or hiking near lakes or the sea.

Most lenses are made from materials like plastic, polycarbonate, and polyurethane. A regular plastic lense is the most cost-effective, but scratches easily. Polycarbonate lenses have a very high-quality optics, and they're durable too. And the most expensive option, polyurethane is a synthetic material that fuses the best qualities of glass and polycarbonate, making it the most durable and lightest weight lenses.

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