Hiking Gaiters

Stay dry with our waterproof hiking gaiters. They'll cover the gap between your trousers and your boots to help stop any water or mud getting in. Just simply wrap them around your ankle and hook under the heel of your boot and you're good to go!
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You've probably come across these weird sock-type-things when shopping for outdoor supplies, but what exactly are hiking gaiters? And do you really need them?


If you’re new to hiking, you might want to add a pair of walking gaiters to your kit list. Gaiters are simple fabric guards that cover the gap between your trousers and your hiking boots. Designed to easily wrap around the ankle and hook under the heel of your boot, hiking gaiters can make a real difference in wet and muddy conditions.


It's important that ankle gaiters fit snuggly to prevent any water getting in, so as well as hooking under the heel of your boot, they also fasten at the top too and generally have drawcords for adjustment.

Ankle gaiters are also good for keeping annoying stones out of your boots. When hiking, it's easy to kick up loose debris which can find its way into your boots, but with a pair of gaiters, you’ll have an extra layer of protection to stop anything getting into your boots or trouser legs.


Waterproof gaiters are important as once moisture makes its way into your boots, it can be a difficult process to dry them out, especially when you're on the move. Not only are gaiters good for keeping puddle splashes and mud out, they're also perfect for crossing streams and marshy land.

If you're new to hiking, boots are probably the most essential piece of kit. You can also shop our range of gaiters, which work with all styles of boots and trousers. And we also stock a wide range of hiking clothing, walking backpacks, and waterproof gear to ensure you have a fun and comfortable adventure.

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