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When walking or hiking, your feet are put through their paces. That's why it's important to make sure you have comfortable walking bootsto tackle the terrain ahead. But sometimes, our feet need a little extra help. A good pair ofhiking sockscan help keep feet dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture - sweaty feet can lead to chafing, and blisters. Fortunately we do have a good range ofblister plasters, but prevention is always better than cure.


Walking and hiking boot insoles can make a real difference when it comes to comfort and reducing the risk of injury. But first, you need to consider what type of insoles you need.

Gel cushioning insoles: If you need walking boot insoles that provide protection on rugged terrain, then look for cushioning gel insoles. These insoles are made of gel material which provides shock absorption and helps prevent injuries. They reduce foot pain and discomfort, especially after long hours of walking with a network of gel microballs placed in impact areas. Many insoles also limit odours with their antibacterial coating.

Warm walking boot insoles: If you're planning a hike in the winter months, a walking insole made of felt will provide greater insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable. The felt structure acts as a thermal barrier against the cold, while also improving perspiration absorption. Many felt insoles can also be trimmed down to size for the perfect fit. Take a look at our range of thermal socks too.

Insoles for foot problems: If you're suffering from a specific foot problem or injury, then an insole that targets a certain area can make your walking boots feel much more comfortable. A gel toe cap can help prevent bruised nails, and also protect your toe from further pain. And an insole for gel plantar protection can be used as a preventive measure for more comfort under the sole of the foot, as well as relieving pain by absorbing shocks under the forefoot and on the side of the big toe.