40L To 50L Backpacks

A 40L backpack is the perfect size for most hikers. It can carry all your essentials without being too big and bulky. But if you have a little extra to carry, a 50L backpack can provide extra space for additional food, water, and clothing. Browse the range.
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How to choose your hiking backpack

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Whether you're a first time hiker or a seasoned pro, having a good backpack is essential. It needs to be large enough to carry all your essentials like a water bottle, waterproof clothingin case the weather changes, perhaps asleeping bag and tentif you're planning an overnight trip, and any other clothing andhiking accessories you might need.


A 40L waterproof backpack is the perfect size for most hikers. It's big enough to allow you to carry all your kit comfortably, without being too big and bulky. And it will keep everything dry if it rains. Or you can really put a waterproof backpack cover on any rucksack to make it waterproof.


Comfort is key when wearing a 40L travel backpack, so look for good shoulder straps and back padding which provides added protection. A lot of large backpacks also come with hip belts which are great for distributing a heavy load, taking the strain off your back and legs. Some also have straps that go across your chest to help further with weight distribution.


If you're planning a few days away camping in the wilderness then a 50L backpack will provide extra space for a tent, a sleeping bag, cooking equipment, and extra food and clothing.

Men's and women's body shapes are different, so a 50L women's backpack could provide the most comfort for female hikers. Men tend to have broader shoulders than women, so a backpack that is made for women will be designed with this in mind. Women also usually have shorter torsos, so the length of a rucksack from shoulder to hip will be shorter. Women's backpacks also feature slightly different hip belts, which help to take the weight of a backpack off our shoulders. But whether you choose a women's-specific backpack or not, it's a good idea to try on as many as you can to find the perfect shape and fit for you.

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