Hiking Hydration Backpacks

A hydration backpack for hiking is great for keeping you well-hydrated on your walk. Our water bladders come in 2 or 3 litre capacities, suitable for multi-day treks and long hikes so you can drink easily while you're on the go.
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Hydration backpacks are perfect for carrying everything you need to take with you when you're out walking or camping. There are different sizes to choose from, and many feature extra pockets and outer mesh compartments, providing easy access to store hats and gloves. But the best part; the hydration bladder that allows you to drink on the go. And all backpacks designed by our in-house brand Quechua come with a 5-year guarantee too.


A backpack with a hydration bladder is designed predominantly to transport water and make drinking convenient and efficient. In fact, with most hydration packs, you don’t even have to stop or even slow down to take a sip of water - you simply grab the drink tube that’s connected to the water bladder.

When you’re shopping for a hydration pack, you need to make sure the pack is designed for the activity you intend to use it for, such as hiking, cycling, or running. You then need to consider things like capacity, fit, and any extra features you might need.


We stock all the leading brands at Decathlon, and other than our in-house brands, CamelBak is one of the best names when it comes to hydration packs. A CamelBak hydration backpack is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and mountain bikers who want a durable and functional pack for convenient, hands-free hydration and plenty of storage. Lightweight and easy to carry, they feature adjustable mesh straps, as well as a chest strap for a secure and comfortable fit. The wide-mouth opening is not only easy to clean but also allows plenty of space for ice cubes to keep your fluids colder for longer.

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