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Here at Decathlon, we want to make sure that everybody can find a GPS running watch or running activity tracker to suit their budget, which is why our range covers affordable watches and activity trackers from our in-house experts at Kalenji and Kiprun, right through to high-end Garmin GPS watches, Suunto watches and FitBit activity trackers, ensuring that no matter what you want to track there is an option for you available in our stores and online.


Every running watch is different, so it's always a good idea to do your research before purchasing so you know you're getting all the features that you require. Common features of running watches include your standard stopwatch, through to GPS technology to track runs, altimeters, heart rate monitors, calorie counters, step-counters and the ability to track different types of activities. All smartwatches come with their own dedicated app so that you can keep up to date with all your times and vital stats on your phone. And some running watches can even connect to your running shoes via a sensor for greater accuracy.


If you enjoy running, a smartwatch can take your training to the next level, and Garmin produce some of the most popular running watches in the world. Being able to track your performance and join the online running community is hugely motivating, and it keeps people committed. Garmin smartwatches have a long battery life and an extremely accurate GPS mapping and navigation functionality. Browse our range to find the perfect men's or ladies Garmin watch.