Cycling Gloves

There’s nothing worse than frozen fingers when cycling in cold weather. Icy hands can loosen your grip which could be a safety hazard when out on the road. Keep warm with Decathlon’s range of cycling gloves, suitable for mountain or road cycling.

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Lomo Winter Cycling Gloves

Lomo Winter Cycling Gloves

Principal Thermal Cycling Gloves
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Principal Thermal Cycling Gloves

Sportful Matchy Cycling Gloves
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Sportful Matchy Cycling Gloves

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Cycling Winter Gloves

For winter riding, a solid pair of cycling gloves can mean the difference when keeping your grip on the handlebars of your bike, fingers are one of the most affected body parts by cold wind and chilly weather, so keep them toasty with well-insulated cycling gloves. We'd also suggest looking for cycling gloves that are waterproof, and if you're prone to chilled finders heated cycling gloves.

If the weather is likely to get quite cold then some cycling base layersand acycling jacket will keep the rest of you toasty on your adventures.

Cycling Mitts

If you're looking for a fingerless option we have a variety of cycling gloves for men and women that fit the bill. Why not accessorise from top to bottom with some cycling socksandcycling caps.

If you're looking for mountain bike gloves we recommend sticking to a full glove that covers your entire hand. Our breathable and comfortable mtb gloves are often also touchscreen compatible.

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