Down Sleeping Bags

When battling extreme winter conditions or adventuring outdoors when the temperature drops, you’ll need extra protection. Decathlon’s down sleeping bags will keep you cosy even in the harshest conditions. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.
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Warm Sleeping Bags

Down sleeping bags are different from traditional sleeping bags. These extremely warm sleeping bags are stuffed with down insulation to provide extra layers of warmth. If you own a down jacket, you’ll already know that down insulation offers fantastic warmth. Down is the soft, fluffy, lofty material found under duck and goose feathers and is considered one of nature's best insulators. A feather sleeping bag will make you feel like you’re wrapped up in your duvet at home.

At Decathlon, you’ll find down sleeping bags from top outdoor brands such as Simond and Forclaz designed for sleeping in exceptionally cold temperatures. The mummy-shaped design and ergonomic hood provide extra coverage and warmth. While the 3D structure of down sleeping bags prevents thermal bridges.

Down products require a little more care, and it’s important to let them breathe while being stored. So when not in use, store them loosely in a bigger bag than the bag it comes in or not in a bag at all if you prefer, to keep them fresh and the insulation nice and lofty. It’s a good idea to wash your down sleeping bag by hand in the bath or a large washing machine. Make sure it dries thoroughly and that you re-loft the down by shaking it or putting it in your tumble dryer with some tennis balls.

Packing up for a camping trip? Be sure to check that your tent poles are all in order before heading off. Tent poles are crucial to the structure of your tent, so you need to make sure they’re all present and correct. With repeated use, especially in extreme weather, or if not stored correctly, tent poles can end up distorted or, in some cases, missing altogether. So avoid a collapsing tent in the middle of the night by adding some spare tent poles to your camping kit.

Sunny days in the great outdoors is the perfect setting for a picnic. Make the most of it with one of Decathlon’s picnic rugs. They come in all different sizes and designs and are ideal for when you want to take a break from exploring and refuel, take to the beach to stop sand from getting into your food or even add a bit of luxury underfoot in your tent. Picnic rugs are so versatile they’re a must for any camping kit.

If you’re fed up with being woken up early on camping trips by the bright early morning sunlight, you need to upgrade your tent to a blackout tent. Decathlon’s Quechua tents use Fresh&Black technology that blocks out the light and heat of the sun to keep your tent cool and shaded even in the hot summer months. They come as 2 person tents up to 8 person tents, so you’re sure to find a blackout tent that best suits your needs.

If you plan to take your family’s bikes on your next camping holiday, give the bike wheels a thorough once over. Decathlon has an extensive range of bike wheel accessories to upgrade or fix your bike wheels, including spoke protectors and inner tubes, so you can look forward to exploring on two wheels without any worries.

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