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Double Sleeping Bag

Expand your camping comfort with Decathlon's double sleeping bags. Designed to accommodate two adults, these sleeping bags offer roomy interiors without compromising on warmth and comfort. They are perfect for couples or families who prefer shared sleeping arrangements in the great outdoors. For more options, check out our camp bedair beds and inflatable beds.

Vango Double Sleeping BagCamp bed

Experience the luxury of space with our Vango double sleeping bag. Known for its superior design and quality, the Vango double sleeping bag combines comfort, warmth, and convenience. It's an excellent choice for chilly nights, functioning as a double winter sleeping bag, providing excellent insulation even in colder temperatures.

Our double sleeping bags feature high-quality materials for durability and comfort. They are easy to pack and carry, ensuring convenience on your camping trips. Our double cotton sleeping bag variant offers soft and breathable comfort, ideal for summer camping when you want to avoid synthetic materials. Want to kit out your bed? Get your camping pillowsandmosquito net today.

Invest in a Decathlon double sleeping bag and enhance your camping experience. Whether it's a double winter sleeping bag for those freezing nights or a cotton double sleeping bag for the summer days, we have got you covered. Enjoy the comfort of shared warmth and companionship on your next camping adventure with Decathlon.