Baby skiing base layer trousers, leggings merino wool MERIWARM Turquoise


This 100% merino wool base layer will keep your baby comfortable in a natural and warm material.

Worn as a first layer, these warm, thermo-regulating, soft and stretch merino wool trousers will make your baby warm and comfortable when sledging for 2 years of use.

Color: Dark blue / GREY BLUE
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Product benefits


100% merino wool: regulates the temperature.


Lower leg panel to be folded or unfolded for 2 years of use.


Merino wool doesn't itch because it is finer than conventional sheep's wool.

Freedom of movement

Stretch component for superior comfort and freedom of movement.

Moisture management

The merino wool captures moisture and transfers it outwards.

Technical information

How to dress your babies so they stay warm on your sledging outings?

To make sure you stay warm and dry, we recommend using the 3-technical-layer rule:
- Layer 1 or base layer (such as this undershirt), to stay dry.
- Layer 2 or an insulating or thermal layer, for additional warmth.
- Layer 3 against bad weather.

Why choose merino wool?

Wool is the best material you can choose for your baby for their winter underwear. Indeed, it is a material whose natural properties give your child good thermal regulation. Merino wool is light, soft, doesn't itch and doesn't hold onto moisture.

What is the origin and traceability of our merino wool?

Our yarn development team met with the breeders in South Africa to ensure that the wool is obtained without breaching animal welfare regulations. Unlike some countries that export merino wool, South Africa prohibits mulesing. A painful surgical procedure for sheep, to prevent parasites from developing on the animal. It formed partnerships with breeders to ensure the long-term viability of the sector in line with your ethical and technical expectations.

What is the cut of the MERIWARM thermal baby ski/sledging base layer?

The cut of the MERIWARM baby ski/sledge technical base layer (or leggings) is REGULAR.
This is a classic straight cut in a stretch knit fabric that fits the body shape of every baby. These under-trousers or leggings provide good support thanks to the wide soft-touch elastic.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Wool


Dry thoroughly before storing in a dry and well-ventilated place.


All the sledging products are tested under the real-life conditions for which they are designed: snow, cold and all the conditions you're likely to encounter when sledging. The design teams, product leaders, engineers and pattern makers ensure that the programme for which the product has been designed and developed corresponds perfectly to its use in the field.

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - gentle

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


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Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of this product is:
3.87 kg CO2e
1 kg of CO2e represents 5km in a petrol car (according to the Base Carbone© of ADEME)
What's the carbon footprint ? We evaluate the environmental impact of all our products. At all stages of their life cycle: from the extraction of the raw material, passing through transport to the plant which transforms them, the transformation, the manufacture, the transport of the finished product, until its use and end of life. Find out more
The environmental note of this product is: C
What is the environmental note? Overall environmental score for this product in comparison to others in the same category. It is calculated based on its impact on the environment (air and water emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of natural resources) at each stage of its life cycle, according to a system managed by ADEME. Find out more