Bike Wheels

Bike Wheels

Looking to upgrade your bike? We stock a selection of bike wheels for road bikes through to mountain bikes to help you do just that. The range includes Mavic, b'Twin & Rockrider for bike wheels that are reliable, safe & lightweight.

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A well-chosen set of bike wheels is key to optimising your cycling performance. The 650B wheel allows for a larger tyre, offering a more cushioned riding experience. It’s also faster to get up to speed, making it an ideal choice for off-road biking.

The 700C wheel is more responsive and requires less pedalwork; great for smooth pavements and gravel!

Our bike wheels are lightweight, durable and easy to fit. Look out for our range of double-walled aluminium rims; offering much-needed additional support on those bumpier rides!

We also stock a diverse range of road bike tyres to compliment your new wheel, as well as road bike wheel parts for ad-hoc repairs!

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