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Road Bicycle Tyres

Our range of road bike tyres are efficient, affordable and easy to fit. Many feature anti-puncture reinforcement and aqua flow gripping technology; ideal for bumpy terrain!

We offer tyres in a range of different sizes and are designed for a range of different purposes. Whether you’re a competitive road cyclist or a casual rider, there’s something for everyone.

Mountain Bike Tyres

Enjoy added balance with bike tyres designed for touring and to provide good traction, our mtb tyres are perfect for off-roading.

Cycling Tyres

We also stock a range of BMX tyres, including btwin BMX tyres. Be ready for anything with spare bike wheels, inner tubesandbike pumpsat home. If you're far from home it's worth getting a smallpuncture repair kit to take with you on your travels so a small puncture doesn't ruin a good day out.