5 to 6 Man Tents

5 & 6 Man Tents

5 man tents or 6 man tents are the most popular size of tent available among families and groups, there is such a range of styles and shapes available that you can tailor your choice to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a quick pitching air tent, or a tent with plenty of space for all your camping gear, our range from in-house brand Quechua has something for everyone.

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Which type of tent should you choose?

In our 6 person tent range, you’ll notice different types of tent available, but which tent is right for you and what are the main differences between poled tents and air tents? There’s no right or wrong choice; it all depends on your preference. Pole tents are the tents you’re probably most aware of, they have fibreglass poles and are usually more lightweight and compact than air tents. Air tents have replaced the poles with air-filled beams. They inflate quickly and easily, which is arguably their most desirable feature. Inflatable tents can be a little heavier than traditional tents, so they’re probably better suited to those camping trips where your car is next to your campsite plot.

This size of tent is ideal for a family camping tent. Another innovation to keep an eye out for is Quechua’s Black & Fresh technology. This technology takes a normal tent and turns it into a blackout tent, which means that the bedrooms stay darker in the sunshine, which is usually a benefit for parents with small children who have a habit of waking up at first light. Black & Fresh technology contains material that reflects sunlight, which can help to keep the inside of your tent feeling cool in hot conditions, so those sweltering days in a tent are a thing of the past.

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