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Chalk Bag 

A good chalk bag can be just as essential as your climbing shoesorclimbing harnesses. Decathlon's range of climbing chalk bags is designed for all types of climbers, whether you need a simple bouldering chalk bag or a sturdy rock climbing chalk bag. Experience the Decathlon range today to guarantee safety, comfort and performance. 

Climbing Chalk

We also stock a wide range of top-quality climbing chalk for you to try. Our chalk bags are designed to help you maintain a secure grip and ensure you don’t lose your hold during a climb. Each chalk bag is filled with premium, finely powdered climbing chalk that minimises dust, maximises absorption and enhances grip strength. 

Climbing Accessories

Alongside our essentials, you will find a variety of climbing accessories to boost your performance and enjoy the best climbing experience possible. Whether you're bouldering, climbing or tackling a sheer cliff face, our climbing chalk bags are a must-have accessory. From the compact, lightweight design for bouldering to more robust bags for longer climbs, the Decathlon range caters to all climbers. Find your trustee climbing helmetsandclimbing holds in our climbing accessories range. 

Liquid Climbing Chalk

Want a mess-free application instead? The liquid climbing chalk is your go-to. Liquid climbing chalk is designed to dry quickly, last longer and offer a resistant layer of chalk that minimises sweat and slippage. The first choice for bouldering; apply it pre-climb and focus on your route without worrying about chalk refill.