3 Man Tents

3 Man Tents

3 man tents are ideal for a couple of campers to have the space they need to truly feel comfortable when camping. Whether you’re heading to a music festival with a partner or a friend, or you’re simply looking for a quick getaway for a weekend camp, you’ll find a variety of tent styles to choose from created by our in-house brands Quechua and Forclaz.

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How to choose your camping tent?

How to choose your camping tent?

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Quechua Replacement Parts

Need to repair your tent before your next camping trip? Looking for replacement tent poles? Decathlon has you covered. Our extensive collection of Quechua replacement parts and tent spares means you don't have to worry about extra pole sets, claps or hooks — we've got everything you need. If you're planning a long camping trip, perhaps even some wild camping, it's a good idea to pack some Quechua replacement parts. After all, there's nothing like arriving at your campsite only to discover that you’re missing something important to put a dampener on your camping trip. You also never know when you may break or lose something and there may not be any suitable shops nearby.

With a selection of Quechua replacement parts in your kit, you'll be ready for any hiccup and can make quick repairs when you need it. We've also got a great range of upgrades like waterproof floor mats, blackout bedrooms and double-layer roof panels to enhance your existing camping setup.

Quechua replacement parts are not the only spare parts you might want to consider taking with you on your next camping trip. If you are looking forward to a spot of fishing during your outdoor adventure, don't let a lost rod tip spoil your fun. We stock a wide selection of carp fishing spare parts, so you'll have everything you need should something unexpected happen.

If one of your favourite parts of camping is exploring new places, we can help you make sure you never lose your way. You may think you have a good sense of direction, but it's nice to have some backup in the form of navigational equipment, just in case. At Decathlon, you'll find compasses to guide you on your next hiking holiday and smartwatches with GPS and tracking software for added peace of mind. We've even got traditional paper maps to guide you on your outdoor adventures if you prefer to go old school. You could also pick up a new set of binoculars so you can be sure you won't miss anything.

If you're planning on enjoying some long hikes, you need the correct footwear and the accessories to go with them. Decathlon has all the outdoor footwear accessories you may need from the top outdoor footwear brands, including Puma, Regatta, Adidas, Fitness-Mad and Quechua. You'll find high-quality outdoor socks, insoles, laces, foot protection and deodorant to ensure that your feet are always comfortable during your trips out.

As you’re busy getting ready for your next camping trip, make sure you kit yourself out with a good quality folding picnic table from Decathlon. One of the best things about a camping trip is the chance for a spot of al fresco dining. With a folding picnic table to hand, you can enjoy your meal in comfort and even have somewhere to play a family board game afterwards. When you're not using it, you can simply fold it up and store it away for next time.

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