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Adult ski and snowboard jackets

Whether it’s sunny or snowy, it's important to choose a ski jacket that is suited to your sport and style. A ski jacket should be warm, lightweight and keep you safe from the cold, while at the same time providing ample freedom of movement.


Usage tips

We recommend applying the "3 layers" rule when choosing a ski jacket and ski clothing. The principle is simple: besides a ski jacket we recommend wearing an additional two layers underneath, each serving a particular function. The ski base layer that you wear against your skin keeps body warmth inside while wicking away perspiration. This is why it's important that your ski base layer or undergarments be made of breathable fabric. Your ski mid layer should produce and keep in warmth. It keeps you from being too hot or too cold, providing you with the right level of comfort your entire day on the mountain. As for your ski jacket, it will protect you from the outside elements: snow, rain and wind.


Innovative ski and snowboard jackets

All our ski jackets are equipped with a special ski lift pass pocket and/or an inside pocket for your ski goggles. Because when you're skiing it's easy to forget things, our Wed'ze teams have equipped their ski jackets with clever designs that come in very handy while on the slopes. For example, the lens cloth: a piece of soft technical and highly absorbent fabric that you can use to wipe condensation off your goggles or sunglasses. Some jackets have an audio outlet in the inside pocket which can be used for a phone wireless mic kit or an audio cable for listening to music.


RECCO® emergency rescue system

Certain Wed'ze jackets are equipped with the RECCO® system. The detector used by mountain rescue teams emits a directional signal. The RECCO® reflector built into the ski jacket sends the signal back. The mountain rescuers hear the signal, which directs them precisely to the buried person. This system is a location aid only.