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Wilson is one of the most known and reputable brands in the world of tennis, with their range of Wilson tennis racketsfeatured in Wimbledon and used by standout players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams. The Wilson tennis balls range is no different, boasting quality, these are the universal go-to choice for players prioritising lightweight tennis balls that exceed in durability.

Wilson Double Core Tennis Balls

Wilson Double Core tennis balls boast pure durability, lasting you twice as long as conventional tennis balls. Featuring a thicker rubber core to ensure that the tennis ballstays pressurised for longer, the Wilson Double Core tennis balls are able to give you longer playtime and make sure you can play your best during extended rallies.

Wilson White Tennis Balls

The White Wilson tennis balls are a standout tennis ball edition to celebrate Wilson’s 100 year anniversary. A retro design for vintage vibes, these balls are of premium quality and manufactured with extra duty. Great for any tennis surface, whether grass, clay or hard courts.

Wilson US Open Tennis Balls

One of the most premium level tennis balls available today, the Wilson US Open tennis balls generate power like few others. Whether you’re working on kick serves, backhand slices or volleys, the US Open ball is able to take on any spin to make a lasting impression on the court.

The Wilson US Open tennis balls are extra duty felt for extended wear no matter the court surface and offer great visibility while giving you consistent and predictable bounce across all your plays.

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