Women's Swimming Costumes & Swimsuits

We have the perfect swimsuits for swimmers old and new! Pick your fit from a variety of styles, from long-sleeved swimsuits and one-piece bathing suits to long-leg swimsuits to maternity wear. Make sure you look as good as you feel in the water and out.
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One-piece wonders for the pool, beach and beyond, find your Decathlon-approved swimsuit, whether you’re going for the classic bathing suit or on the lookout for a long swimsuit or full-body swimsuit, you’ll find the right bathing costume for your next trip to the open water or swimming pool right here.

Swimming Suits

The classic swimming suits are a classic for a reason; giving you the mobility and flexibility you need to hit your record lengths and laps while looking good doing it. Our one-piece swimsuits will give you a tight fit for a seamless feel, fitted with comfortable shoulder straps that stay in place for the long haul.

Our intermediate swimming suits are also fitted with fixed foam cups and extra full mesh lining for comfort and support.Want to level up? Check out our range of swimming caps and goggles for swimming for the whole outfit.

Long Swimsuits

Our long swimsuits give you the coverage you need for a little extra protection, fitted with chlorine resistance to give you more than 200 hours of swimming time without suffering from the wear and tear common in low-quality long swimsuit alternatives. We give you the pick from a variety of vibrant colours while keeping you comfortable during your laps and as you lounge by the poolside and stay nice and warm with our quick dry swimming towels.

We’ve got something for everyone. Are you a keen swimmer who thinks nothing of a quick 100 lengths post-work, or looking for the occasional dip in your local swimming pool seeking some relaxation? We’ve got the look for you. Browse our women's swimsuits and long-leg swimsuits to suit a variety of body shapes, styles and tastes. With our range of eye-catching designs, we're confident you'll find the swimwear you're after.

Want more beach-friendly wear for a little extra flair? Check out our range of bikinis to find a fit for every occasion.

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