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Decathlon has a great range of ski body armour designed to protect you while skiing. Shin protectors shield your shin bones from bangs from your boots, while back protectors cushion your spine and provide additional support. Protection isn’t all about the padding; staying warm is also vital, so your body remains nimble and comfortable. Check out our thermal ski wear range and feel protected from the elements all day on the slope.

The best ski body armour 

Although we all set out to have a smooth and enjoyable time on the slopes, bumps and accidents can happen along the way, so it’s best to stay prepared to just in case. Alongside your safety must-haves like your skiing helmetto protect your head and skull, as well asskiing goggles to shield your eyes against wind, UV rays and splashing snow, you should look into extra body armour to protect the rest of your body.

We’ve got things like ski base layers and protective vests to look after your back. 

Protective ski clothes 

Padded shorts and trousers are designed to give extra cushioning and are particularly great for those just starting out with skiing. They fit comfortably under your ski clothes and are designed for low-impact protection. 

As much as you prepare and protect yourself from injury, safety always starts with being knowledgeable of your surroundings, careful about the way you approach a sport and cautious of any potential risk. Safety starts in preparation and relies on upkeep that’s why you should always make sure you’re keeping up with your ski maintenance to make sure your ski equipment is in good working condition.