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A running water backpack or hydration vest is an essential piece of kit for long-distance running or trail running. It's an easy and convenient way to stay hydrated without having to carry a water bottle with you while you run. But with so many options to choose from, we'll take you through the differences between a hydration backpack, a hydration vest, and a hydration belt so you can find the one best suited to your needs.


A running hydration backpack is the most versatile option, as it will allow you to carry more fluid, snacks, and extra running clothingon long runs. A running backpack can also be used for many activities other than running. The backpack is generally large, so it is well suited tohiking trips or even family days out.


Fitted and comfortable to wear, a running vest pack will hold between 5L and 15L of water, depending on your choice. That is more than enough to keep you hydrated over a long period of time which makes this an ideal option for long-distance runners. And for those looking for something a little different, we have a range of running hydration packs to choose from specifically designed to minimise how much the pack bounces around on your back while you run.


Alternative options for runners also include hydration belts to hold your running water bottle securely, allowing you to keep your hands free while you power forward. Running belts are ideal for shorter runs, as they can comfortably hold water bottles of 250-500ml. They're the lightest and most compact solution, and they're quick and easy to put on.