Shimano Compatible Road Bike Disc Brake Pads


Designed for replacing your disc brake pads. Shimano compatible: K02S/K03S/K04S/L02A/L03A/L04A

ORGANIC disc brake pads Compatible with Shimano callipers: Dura Ace R9170, Ultegra R8070, GRX, Metrea U5000, RS305, RS405, RS505, RS805


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Product benefits


Shimano: Dura Ace R9170, Ultegra R8070, Metrea U5000, RS305, RS405, RS505, RS805

Braking power

Effective even in water and mud.

Technical information


1 pair of brake pads
1 spring
metal pin not included

breaking in the pads: essential before starting your ride

You should try braking quickly a few times on a dry, flat, obstacle-free surface. 3 or 4 sets of 10 dry, intermittent stops are enough to break in your pads. Dry braking will wear down the pad a bit.
Release your brakes for a few dozen seconds between each set of stops in order to let them decrease in temperature before starting a new series of 10.

Be careful of glazing

If the problem persists despite several short, dry stops, lightly rub your brake pads with sandpaper.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 70% Steel, 30% Resin

User Directions

Be careful not to spray with oil, grease etc.

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