Snowy, winter weather can make getting around difficult. So, whether you need a pair of ice grips for your shoes to get to work without slipping in the snow or a full pair of snow shoes for snowy treks, then you're sure to find what you need at Decathlon.
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If you’ve got holiday plans for a trip to a snowy wonderland, then our range of snowshoes and snow grips will make sure your feet don’t sink into the deep snow. Snowshoes work by spreading the weight over a greater space, which helps prevent that sinking feeling. And ice grips attach to your shoes and provide much-needed grip on slippery ground.


Ice grips, also known as crampons, are a robust frame with metal spikes that attach to your winter walking boots to give you increased traction on hard snow and ice. Although, just bear in mind that not all boots are suitable for crampons. The best spring and summer hiking shoes are not built to be worn with ice grips. But there is the option of micro-spikes which are lightweight, flexible and fit most hiking shoes, though these won't stand up in harsh snowy and icy conditions.


Men's snowshoes are great as they allow you to travel across snow-covered ground without sinking into it. They make it much easier to walk as they spread your weight evenly over a large, flat surface area. But to choose the right snowshoes, you'll need to have an idea of where you're going. Snowshoes are generally designed for flat, rolling, or mountain terrain, so where you're going will determine what type of snowshoes you buy.


When buying women's snowshoes, it's useful to know how much you (and your backpack) weigh. Snowshoe specs usually list the overall weight they can support, so this is something to take into account. It's also useful to have an idea of the type of snow you'll be moving across - if you'll be on fluffy (powder) snow then consider a larger size snowshoe, and if you'll be on hard-packed snow then you can go for a smaller size.

At Decathlon, we’ve got ice grips and snowshoes suited to men's, women's and kids shoe sizes, that are perfect for walking in winter. And a great range of walking boots and thermal socks too to keep your feet warm. So, whether you're hiking in the snow or just walking on the pavement, with our range it's easy to keep both feet on the ground.

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