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When it comes to football coaching, it's important to have the right equipment. So whatever football training equipment your team needs, Decathlon has you covered. We have adults and kids training equipment, including perhaps one of the most useful pieces of kit — football cones. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and have multiple uses out on the training pitch. They can be laid out and used for a range of running drills and ball dribbling exercises, or they can even be used to mark out makeshift goalposts.


Decathlon's range of Kipsta football cones are designed to get the most out of your training sessions. Made of brightly coloured and highly durable plastic, these training cones will work just as hard as you do whatever the weather can throw your way. Also browse our range of football training equipment and accessories so you can build the ultimate football training set. With football training bibs, speed ladders and hurdles, pop-up goals, net targets and lots more, you'll find all the equipment you need right here online and at your local Decathlon store.


Our collection of training cones feature arrow designs to help you in marking out directional training drills alongside football markers. We also have a range of modular cones and bars that can be combined to expand your training exercises and switch up your drills as you go.

At Decathlon, we also have footballs, as well as essentials like football pumps and ball bags. And we have a great range of football training clothesandfootball boots to ensure you look and feel the part on the pitch.


Our durable flat markers are easier to see, making training more efficient. Their pyramid shape makes the ball's reaction more realistic — it bounces off the sides of the marker. The matte arrow on the cone shows you which direction to go during drills, and they're easy to throw onto the ground with one hand so you can get your drills set up quickly.