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Football training bibs are essential for training sessions and for match day warm-ups. They're quick to slip on over your football shirt, and easy to take off or switch with your team mates. And the most important feature of training bibs is that they are highly visible and allow you to see who is on which side. That's why our range of bibs comes in a variety of bright fluorescent colours including yellow, orange, and green.


Choose from our great range of sports training bibs for football, netball, rugby and many more. Available in various colours, distinguish one team from another in training! The bibs loose fit and low neckline provide greater freedom of movement. And choose from kids football bibs or adult football bibs.


Kit your entire team out at an affordable price with Decathlon's range of Kipsta sports bibs. Available in a range of colours to suit your team, and in kids or adults sizes our football training bibs are rain and weather resistant so you can use them all year round.

We also stock a wide range of football coaching equipmentat Decathlon, including all types offootball goals, speed hurdles, agility ladders, pitch markers, and football cones, which are a must have for any training session. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and have multiple uses out on the training pitch. They can be laid out and used for a range of running drills and ball dribbling exercises, or they can even be used to mark out makeshift goalposts.