Aptonia Triathlon Cycling Shoes - Black


These triathlon shoes are designed to make transitions easier. Pull them on in an instant and cycle comfortably without socks.

Waste no time during transitions with these triathlon cycling shoes, which are easy to put on or take off and allow you to cycle without socks.

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Product benefits

Easy dressing

Wide opening thanks to 3/4 zip so they are easy to pull on and off.

Fitting comfort

Extra soft seamless inner mesh to cycle without socks

Quick drying

Quick drying and feet stay dry thanks to 3D outer mesh

Easy opening / closing

Support strap for upper tongue to facilitate T1


Compatible with 3-point cleats (shimano, look)


270 grams in size 8.5

Technical information

Why use a triathlon-specific shoe for the cycling leg?

As you know, triathlons consist of 3 disciplines and 2 triathlons. Whatever your race objective, transitions are always stressful. That's why we are offering a triathlon-specific cycling shoe which is easy to pull on and off, while ensuring excellent barefoot comfort, sparing you the effort of putting wet socks on when you come out of the water.

How to choose the right size

Choosing a cycling shoe is similar to choosing a running shoe; we recommend selecting one size above your everyday footwear so that your foot is not compressed on use, particularly at the toes. Make sure they are not too big either so that your foot doesn't move around in the shoe. Check that your heel doesn't lift off the shoe once tightened to confirm your choice.

Triathlon cycling leg with or without socks?

That is the question! Putting socks on wet feet during the 1st transition can be difficult, scary as it may be, depending on the distance, to try the cycling leg without socks for fear of discomfort and overheating.
With the Triathlon Aptonia shoes, you can cycle without socks thanks to their seamless, extra soft inner layer. This enables a smoother first transition and comfortable cycling.

Are triathlon shoes as effective as road bike shoes?

These triathlon shoes will allow you to manage the 2 transitions effectively, and more importantly, help you to perform the cycling leg as well as possible.
In terms of shoe construction, we offer an adjustable instep support system with the ATOP buckle. The nylon sole offers an excellent compromise between comfort and rigidity, while the slipper, made entirely of mesh, is perfectly shaped to your foot and ensures great ventilation.


2 years


UK 4 - EU 37 : 0.441 kg
UK 5 - EU 38 : 0.464 kg
UK 5.5 - EU 39 : 0.489 kg
UK 6.5 - EU 40 : 0.514 kg
UK 7 - EU 41 : 0.542 kg
UK 8 - EU 42 : 0.57 kg
UK 8.5 - EU 43 : 0.6 kg
UK 9.5 - EU 44 : 0.63 kg
UK 10.5 - EU 45 : 0.662 kg
UK 11 - EU 46 : 0.695 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Outer sole of 100% Polyamide Upper of 50% Polyester, 50% Polyurethane Lining and sock of 100% Polyester


Shoes tested on several triathlons in sizes S to XL by passionate, demanding triathletes

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Aptonia Triathlon Cycling Shoes - Black
Aptonia Triathlon Cycling Shoes - Black


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