Bottom Brackets

Need a new bottom bracket for your bike? Our brackets are easy to install and built to last. Pay attention to the finishes, as bikes that spend more time in wet conditions will need more weatherproof brackets.

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You may not even realise the importance of the bottom bracket on your bike, but when it needs replacing, you’ll certainly feel the difference. The bottom bracket connects the bike’s cranks to the bike so they can rotate easily as you pedal and power up the drivetrain. It sits at the point where your frame’s down tube, seat tube and chain stays meet.

Road Bike and MTB Bottom Brackets

How do you know if your bottom bracket needs replacing? We recommend lifting your small chainring off and spinning the cranks. If you experience any side-to-side wobbling or unusual grittiness, then it’s worth looking for a replacement bottom bracket for your bike. There are brackets designed for mountain bikes and road bikes individually, but you can also find more generic products too.

Square Taper Bottom Brackets

Bottom brackets come in different shapes with square taper bottom brackets amongst the most commonly found and available from a range of brands in the Decathlon range. At Decathlon we know just how important it is to optimise your bike’s drivetrain and are sure to stock all you need to keep it in top working order from derailleurtobike chainsandbike gear shiftstobike cranksets. All elements are necessary for a fully functioning drivetrain and we’ve got all the parts you could possibly look for.

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