Shoes For Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Go higher and faster with better precision in a pair of our Decathlon climbing shoes. Designed specifically for indoor wall and cliff climbing, these high performance styles will help you scale walls and boulders with ease. Each features secure fastenings and grip that is second-to-none.
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How to train for climbing

Refurbished Climbing Shoes - A Grade
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Refurbished Climbing Shoes - A Grade

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Climbing Shoes UK

Choosing your climbing shoes is all about finding a pair that gives you the comfort, grip and support you need to perform your best. You’ll need to consider the durability, materials and stretch to ensure you get the best performance-boosting climbing shoes suitable to your experience level and terrain. 

Your rock climbing shoes can be neutral, moderate or aggressive depending on the type of climbing and can feature laces, straps and linings, all of which come with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. Look for a snug fit when choosing your rock climbing shoe for extra safety and don’t forget about your climbing helmets.

Bouldering Shoes with Decathlon

At Decathlon, we stock a wide range of bouldering shoes to transform your bouldering experience, no matter your level. Fitted for comfort and suitable for all foot shapes, enjoy excellent rigidity to minimise fatigue and go longer. We also offer precision tips and edges so you can navigate across tricky terrain without losing your grip with our resin rubber holds. 

Easy to throw on with our rip-tab fastening, adjust the tension to your liking. Check out our rock climbing clothingandclimbing wall holds to tick off your climbing essentials. 

Men’s Climbing Shoes, Women’s Climbing Shoes and Kids’ Climbing Shoes

You can find men’s climbing shoes and women's climbing shoes in our range and even kids climbing shoes for your little ones. We have gender and age-specific models with reduced volume and length, with our junior models featuring a simple hook and loop strap. 

Best Shoes for Climbing

To find the best shoes for climbing, get the right design and fit to suit your venture. It’s a good idea to visit the closest Decathlon store to try them out in person to ensure you can enjoy all-day comfort and excellent support. 

Check out our climbing accessories for more.

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