Belay Devices For Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Belay safely and securely with our range of belay devices. These pieces of equipment will ensure your rope is passed safely and securely whilst climbing. We have everything from gloves to pulleys, stoppers to hooks. Time to reach new heights...
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Belay Devices

The Decathlon belay system gives climbers unmatched control, security, and adaptability. Check out our range of belay systems featuring high-quality, lightweight aluminium that works for even the most strenuous ascents. Our 7.5 to 11mm dynamic rope will help you enjoy a wide variety of climbing experiences, making use of its friction-based, slick technology for greater safety.

Climbing Nut

Our sturdy climbing nut will take your climbing kit to the next level as each nut is made with stability in mind and features a secure hold in a variety of crack sizes. The coloured anodization also makes it easier to identify items and speed up your setup. Find climbing nut pairs with your preferred climbing harness for the full, trusted gear setup.

Camming Device

Enhance your trad climbing arsenal with Decathlon's camming device. With its innovative design and expanded range, this device grips onto rock surfaces securely, offering climbers peace of mind during daring ascents. The light yet robust build ensures longevity and performance, whether scaling indoor climbing holds or tackling outdoor crags.

The camming tool from Decathlon will help you improve your trad climbing arsenal, gripping securely onto rock surfaces, giving climbers the peace of mind they need for risky ascents. Whether you're scaling indoor climbing holds or scaling outdoor crags, the lightweight yet durable design ensures a long lifespan and excellent performance.

To complement your climbing adventure, don't forget to check out Decathlon's wide selection of climbing ropesandclimbing clothes, designed for comfort, safety, and durability. Conquer the heights with Decathlon's unrivalled climbing gear!

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