Camping Hammocks

Camping hammocks can offer the ultimate in camping luxury or back to basics camping. Use it to enhance your camping setup or combine a portable hammock with a tarp for a night under the stars. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.
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Storm Hammock

Storm Hammock

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Travel Hammock

Portable hammocks, like Decathlon's Quechua hammocks, are wonderfully versatile. Use them as a rain cover, as an alternative picnic blanket, to lounge in or as a comfortable bed to sleep in. Travel hammocks are ideal for backpackers and those who enjoy wild camping. They're much lighter than a tent, easy to set up and very comfortable. If you have a sense of adventure and want a night under the stars, why not combine a portable hammock with a camping tarp to give you shelter and just pitch wherever the mood takes you. Your camping hammock will give you a comfortable night's sleep as you gently sway the night away.

If you want to give yourself somewhere to relax and add a touch of luxury to your camping set-up, consider adding a travel hammock. All you need is a strong pair of trees to act as your anchor, and you're ready to hook up your hammock and have somewhere to lounge, enjoy a book and soak up the sun. At Decathlon, you'll find one and 2-person hammocks so that you can enjoy a cosy evening with a loved one. Our portable hammocks are lightweight and packable, making them ideal for your next trip, whether you're backpacking or planning a camping road trip.

If you plan to add a travel hammock to your camping kit, a camping shelter and tarp is the perfect accompaniment. Camping tarps are hugely versatile and will shelter you from the sun or rain as you enjoy a gentle swing in your hammock. They are easy to put up and can also be used to extend your camping setup by adding a temporary porch or cooking shelter to your main tent.

Do you get fed up with queueing for the toilet or shower at campsites or often find the facilities at some campsites are less than adequate? Camping showers, portable camping toilets and toilet tents are the ideal solution. With a camping shower and toilet, you don't have to worry about relying on the campsite's facilities. It also means you don't have to cross the campsite in the middle of the night to take the kids to the toilet. Position your camping shower and toilet next to your tent, and you have it right there whenever you need it. And if you're worried about privacy, our privacy tents are the perfect solution.

Are you looking to do something a little different on your next camping trip? Why not tackle and bag the ultimate catch with one of our beginner fishing kits. If you're new to fishing or even an experienced angler, Decathlon has everything you need, from nets and rods to different types of bait. We've got you covered.

If exploring the world on 2 wheels is what you and your family love to do on camping trips, make sure your kids' cycling helmets are up to the job. Cycling helmets provide essential head protection for kids and teens on their bikes. You'll find a huge range of helmets in various sizes, colours and designs to suit all ages that are lightweight, adjustable and well-ventilated. There are even helmets that have a special opening to accommodate ponytails!

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