Camping Lights & Lanterns

Decathlon has everything you need to light the way on your next camping trip. Browse our range of lamps, lanterns, solar panels and solar light garlands to find the right camping light solution for you. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.
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Tent Lights

Camping lights are one of the most important parts of your camping kit. Why? When the sun goes down, you can't just flick a switch to turn the lights on when it gets dark as you would at home. And what about those midnight visits to the campsite toilet? Don't worry, Decathlon has you covered. We have a great selection of tent lights and lanterns. So, however dark it gets, you can still carry on your camping adventures. You can even use them to create a cosy space in your tent to relax after a hard day exploring.

We've got all the camping lighting solutions you'll need. We stock small outdoor or tent lamps that are the perfect size for kids or even put in your backpack for a day trip. You don't even need to worry about making sure you've packed enough batteries to power your tent lights and lamps. Our rechargeable and battery lanterns will provide powerful light, so you'll always be able to see your way if you're heading out on a late-night walk or need to leave the tent in the dark. Meanwhile, our camping solar panels can generate enough energy to charge your USB devices, lamps, phones and external batteries.

How about upgrading your camping experience with a camping hammock? Camping hammocks are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry with you and will add a little luxury to your camp. Take it with you on your hikes, so you have something to relax in during a break or just lounge in it while you gaze up at the stars in the evening.

Before your next camping trip, consider adding a camping windbreak and wind shelter to your camping gear. Camping windbreaks are really useful to shelter you from the wind and sun and create a private space outside your tent where you and your loved ones can relax.

Looking for new ways to have fun with the family while camping? Take an archery set with you, and you can guarantee that everyone will have lots of fun. You don't need to be an expert as our sets are ideal for children and beginners.

Going camping? Make sure you kit yourself out with a folding picnic table. With a folding picnic table to hand, you can enjoy your meal in comfort and even have somewhere to play a game of cards or a board game afterwards. When you're not using it, you can simply fold it up and store it away for next time.

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