Nano Fly Thermal Cycling Water Bottle, Black - 500ml


Designed for demanding riders looking for a lightweight, effective insulated cycling water bottle (keeps cool for up to 4 hours).

Thanks to the innovative Nanogel® material, the new Nano Fly from ELITE is a single product with a higher thermal capacity, an incomparable light weight, and the most flexible body.


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Product benefits


500 ml


Keeps cool up to 4 hours, over double the time of standard thermal water bottles


109g, the lightest insulated bottle on the market

Limits taste and odor

The bottle's valve is made of an odourless and flavourless material

Mouth comfort

"Push-pull" rubber valve for comfortable drinking.

Ergonomic grip

Grooves for an easier grip and hold on the bottle


Standard diameter (⌀74 mm) for compatibility with all bottle cages

Technical information

Nanogel®, the lightest insulating material in the world

The ability to maintain cold liquids at a constant temperature is ensured by the structure of the Nanofly, which is made entirely of Nanogel®, the lightest insulating material in the world because it is made of 5% solid material with the remaining 95% being air.
To ensure high levels of insulation, the nanoporous matrix inside the bottle's inner cavity drastically reduces temperature transmission.

An extraordinarily lightweight insulated bottle

NANO FLY is the lightest insulating bottle on the market thanks to its exceptional weight of just 109g, a result achieved after 3 years of study and research conducted in collaboration with several Italian universities, to create a lightweight and durable material that reduces the bottle's thickness while leaving its performance unchanged.

High water flow

By reducing the quantity of material used, which also reduces the environmental impact of the bottle's production, this bottle is more flexible and has also become easily squeezable (compressible). This quality, combined with the push-pull valve on the cap for easier opening and closing during your ride, allows the bottle to provide a steady stream of water at the slightest press of your hand, making it easier and more satisfying to drink while in the saddle.

How to care for your water bottle

Clean the water bottle thoroughly after each use. If you use isotonic drinks, rinse all parts of the bottle, cap and mouthpiece to make sure there is no liquid remaining inside. Use washing-up liquid and a long brush to clean the bottom of the bottle.
Dry it fully and store it without the cap on so that it is ventilated. If you do not do this, mould could grow in the bottle.
Do not put in the dishwasher (particularly above 70°C).


2 years

Product concept & technology


Leave open when storing.

User Directions

Do not microwave. Do not add fatty products (oil, milk, etc.).

Maintenance advice

Dry in a dry and ventilated place..

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