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LB 900 Boots
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Leather boots suitable
for all disciplines

LB 900

Our design teams wanted to put paid to such preconceived ideas by creating the LB 900 boot. Every detail of this riding boot has been carefully scrutinised to ensure your feet benefit from durability, technical features and style when mounted and on the ground.


Modernity and tradition combine to meet the needs of classical riding with a touch of modern comfort. The harmonious appearance of the LB 900 boots adds elegance to your riding.


Comfort: very soft leather at the instep, elasticated laces, removable insole... every detail has been carefully designed for optimum comfort!

Shaping effect

The redesigned shape of the upper, combined with fine leather, creates a shaping effect that helps ensure precise leg action. The fastening and elasticated section allow the boot to mould precisely to the shape of the calf. Available in 2 calf sizes.


The sole, stitched at the front and rear, reduces the risk of the sole coming off and ensures the boot has a longer life cycle. The protective cover for the zip fastening, located on the lower part of the boot, protects against splashes of sand or mud that could prevent the zip from moving.

Ease of use

The full-length zip fastening on the boot makes it simple and easy to put on.

Protection for the saddle

A pad located on the top section of the upper prevents damage to the saddle.


Our new ribbed and non-slip outsole provides excellent grip in the stirrups.

Project group

product manager

“When we were designing the LB 900 boot we informed our design with user feedback. Comfort was the big advantage we wanted to provide with this boot. Whether when putting them on or when in use, the boot should be comfortable to wear and shouldn't cause any pain or discomfort. It's a riding boot that ensures the rider is comfortable at all times.

We also wanted the boot to suit the widest possible number of shapes, and that it could be used for most riding disciplines. It's a boot that can be easily worn both on the horse and on the ground, that has an attractive appearance that you don't need to worry about damaging because we've designed these boots to last.”

Anne Sophie

“When we started designing this riding boot, we wanted to break away a little with the design and create a boot for riders looking for performance. We kept the traditional riding appearance, something valued by riders, whilst adding a sporty touch to modernise this iconic product.

We did this by creating a close-fitting boot that pays close attention to classic equestrian sporting lines that emphasise elegance. We also modernised the design by looking at certain details to add some really technical features, redesigning some lines, inspired by the movements of the rider's body. The best example of this is the sole where we've added a really sporty touch. We had to be daring with this, and achieved a considerable increase in comfort as a result.

In the end, we wanted to make this boot a serious piece of riding footwear through a carefully-designed mix of elegance and technical features.”

footwear engineer

“We based our design on the major constraints often faced by riders: riding boots cause discomfort, are expensive, and don't last.

We wanted to make this riding boot a real sports shoe. The aim was to focus on comfort, using soft, resistant leather, a sports sole more suited to the sport, and an elasticated calf so the boot could adapt to all leg shapes. The elasticated lacing provides extra ankle support.

Every detail has been carefully designed to prevent premature wear on the product, particularly the zip where we've made it harder for it to break thanks to the elasticated calf, and by adding seams to the sole to prevent it from coming apart. The insole can be removed to allow it to dry separately and prevent the build-up of excess moisture and bacteria. This also allows the sole to better maintain its original shape and to last longer. When it is too worn, it can simply be replaced without needing to buy a whole new pair of boots. The sole can also be removed and exchanged for orthopaedic soles if needed.”

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