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Ensure your horse is ready to roll with our range of horse feed and treats. They'll keep your horse or pony healthy and happy so he can enjoy your adventures as much as you do! Decathlon specialise in high quality products at affordable prices. No matter your budget, you'll be able to find everything you need with us, including saddles, horse bridles & reins, as well as a fantastic collection of equestrian clothing and riding boots.


We have a great range of high fibre pellets, chop and mixes to ensure your horse is getting all the nutrients he needs. We have horse food for rest or light work, as well as working or competition horses that need a supply of controlled energy throughout their day. And of course, we have lots of yummy pony treats too! Order online today and have your items delivered straight to your door. Want to explore more? View our horse supplements and licks at your local Decathlon store.


When choosing the right horse food, there is no one size fits all method. You need to consider the age of your horse, how active your horse is, what type of forage you have available, and if there are any relevant medical issues to take into account. There are different types of food available to meet different needs, or you can choose a blend of food that will provide your horse or pony with everything they need to ensure they get the best nutrition.

Your horse's health is paramount, so it's important that they are happy in their stable too. Our horse rugs have been designed to keep horses warm, cool, free from flies and comfortable in the stable or the field. Horse boots are great for absorbing impact to protect your horse's lower leg from injury. We also have a range of horse fly control equipment, from nets to shampoo — everything you need to keep your horse or pony comfortable this season.