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How to choose your kids' roller skates

Share the joys of roller skating with your little ones as you teach them to impress at the skate park and travel in style.

Skating is a great way to teach your kids better balance and coordination and a fun way to explore the outdoors and socialise with friends and family. Buying for your new-found hobby can differ quite a bit depending on your skill level and what stunts your little ones want to hone. Find clear guidance on what skating gear your child needs, depending on their skill level - beginners, intermediates or experts.

Oxelo is the go-to pick for kids' roller skates and rollerblades in the UK. Are your children taking a quick trip to the shop or stunting at the local skate park? Whether they're new to the sport or a young Ashlie Atkinson in the making, Decathlon offers a great range of kids' roller skates. Find out where to buy roller skates for kids and all-things skating, from boys' and girls' roller skates to the best roller skates for 4 to 9-year-olds that'll cater for comfort, stability and performance.

A guide to buying kids' skates


The rule of thumb is to ensure your child's rollerblades offer a snug fit, with a single layer of socks to prevent discomfort and blisters. It's also recommended that you go up a size for comfortable manoeuvring (unless stated otherwise in the product-specific manual).
Children's skates are often adjustable, so your kids won't be outgrowing them anytime soon and offer you enough wriggle room if you can't get your kids to try them in-store. If you're opting for non-adjustable kids' roller skates, it's a good idea to refer to the size guide before purchasing.

You can opt for age-specific rollerblades considering your child's size and skill level.

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The Best Roller Skates for Toddlers

For toddlers, quad skates offer the stability and balance needed to keep your little one safer, with the extra support they need to learn to manoeuvre on four wheels. The four wheels' positioning- two at the front and two at the back - offer greater balance and slower speeds and act as a great induction into the world of skating.

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The Best Roller Skates for 5-year-olds

The best roller skates for 5-year-olds prioritise comfort, ankle support, and adjustable sizing. Make sure your kid's roller skates are hard-wearing, too, to handle falls and scrapes easily. Make sure to gear up on skate helmets and protective gear for the peace of mind you need to let your kids test their limits in comfort and safety.

Best Roller Skates for 7 to 9-year-olds

The best roller skates for 7-9-year-olds can be either quad skates or inline skates, depending on how much experience they have on four wheels. If your kids have been riding for a while, they might have developed the necessary strength in their ankles to manoeuvre in inline skates confidently. Still, if this is the first time they're picking up a sport, we recommend sticking to quads for safer learning.

Our in-house brand Oxelo offers an all-inclusive range in sizing, age and skating style.

How to Choose Your Kids' Roller Skates

The Different Types of Roller Skating

There is a surprising amount of variety when it comes to the type of skating you can do, some that are more beginner-friendly while others are exclusive to skating veterans.

Recreational Skating

The most beginner-friendly option on our list, if your kids are new to the world of skating, is what you'll be going for. Recreational skating can be done at leisure, around the park or in town. The skates usually focus on providing comfort and aren't made to level up or skate competitively. These are generally fitted with four wheels and a heel break and are on the softer side.

Fitness Skating

Fitness skates usually refer to long-distance skating, where you're likely to cover a lot of ground. These typically offer three- or four-wheel varieties and are great for intermediates seeking a comfortable, lightweight, ventilated ride.

Aggressive Inline Skating

Aggressive inline skating usually refers to stunts and tricks you'd see at your local skate park and on half pipes. Often making use of ledges and rails, aggressive skating is usually only suitable for pros. The skates tend to be heavy, offering smaller wheels for greater manoeuvrability and stable landing. Aggressive skates are also fitted with a ground plate for sliding and usually come without brakes.

Inline Hockey

Used for regular-ground (non-ice) hockey games, hockey skates focus on manoeuvrability with a short wheelbase. These offer a hard boot for durability upon impact and stay stiff for greater support.

How to Choose Your Kids' Roller Skates


Decathlete and inline skater

"Falling over is all part of the learning process, but you can never go wrong with a helmet and protective pads to minimise risk and keep you on four wheels a little longer".

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