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How to choose the right kids' scooter

Children of all ages love scooters, but you'll need to think carefully about which best suits your little ones. Find our advice below.

It doesn't take much to know why kids love scooters so much. Riding scooters is exciting and fun and allows them to pick up speed and progress over time, with little need for anything other than their pushing power. A dedicated kid's scooter could be just the thing to help your child blow off steam while also learning psychomotor skills.
But which kids' scooter to buy? There are many different types of scooters for kids on the market. So, here are some pointers to help you make the right decision.

Features to Consider

ABEC Rating
One thing that you should consider is the ABEC rating. This is the standard defining the scooter's bearings. The lower the rating, the slower the scooter will be. It's a good idea to go for a lower number when purchasing your child's first scooter. An ABEC 1 scooter, for instance, should be great for helping your child find their balance on their scooter without any emphasis on building speed.

There are also crucial differences between the wheels and wheel configurations of different kids' scooters. Hard wheels should be more durable than their softer counterparts, but they're also likely to be less comfortable. Remember that some scooters have in-line wheels or are arranged in a triangle shape.

The deck of a scooter - the 'platform' on which your child places their feet is also worth considering. The width of a scooter deck varies from one model to the next, so you should consider whether your child will find it easier to stay on their scooter when the deck is broader.

The headset, meanwhile, is the part of the scooter that allows the user to steer. Even braking systems aren't always the same across different models. So pay close attention to the design when comparing various kids' scooters for sale.

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The Age of your Child

Even children as young as two years old can learn to ride a scooter. Many kids' micro scooters on the market have been designed with their needs in mind.

The smaller and more stable nature of such scooters makes it easier for toddlers to learn how to glide along safely. The most stable of all are the kids' three-wheel scooter models, especially for beginners between two and four years old. But if your child is already pretty good at keeping balanced and is a little older(around five to six years old), you may consider a two-wheeled scooter instead.

You probably won't need us to tell you that kids grow up astonishingly fast. Once your child gets hits the age of six, it's wise to get them a scooter that is designed for more regular and punishing use. Many great kids' folding scooters, including fluid bearings and softer wheels, are available to enable more effortless gliding.

Whatever scooter you buy for your child, you need to ensure it suits their riding style. For instance, if your kid wants to do freestyle tricks with their scooter, you'll need to get them a dedicated kids' stunt scooter. A scooter designed for long-distance commuting isn't tough enough to withstand the high-impact stunt use - so be sure to ask your child precisely what they want from a scooter as they get older.

Safety First

Don't overlook the importance of the right kids' scooter accessories! Protective gear is incredibly vital, given that little scrapes and bruises are simply part of the learning curve for scooters.
So, don't hesitate to browse the Decathlon website today for all the essential kids' scooter helmets and related items for your bundle of joy. This way, you can be confident that they're equipped to make the most of their new scooter.

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