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How to Choose Archery Accessories?

Electronic or traditional, with a soft plastic tip or steel point... Plenty of dartboards are available. You still have to work out how to choose one!

There are three types of accessories to do archery: the accessories intended for the archer, accessories for the bow and lastly accessories intended for the arrow. Find out what they are used for in order to choose the accessories that are suitable for you.

1. Archer Accessories

It is vital for your safety, to wear protective equipment when doing archery to avoid getting injured.

Finger Tab
The finger tab is for protecting your fingers from the bowstring when shooting.
• For beginners, there is a basic leather finger tab or archery glove. This has the benefit of being easy to put on and take off.
• For the more seasoned archers, there are more sophisticated tabs called "shelf tab" They are more adjustable and allow you to get your mark at chin level when shooting.

The bracer will protect your arm from friction caused by bowstring.
• If the bowstring always catches the arm in the same place, it is preferable to select a short bracer.
• If on the other hand the bowstring catches all along the arm, a long bracer is preferable.

Chest Guard
•The chest guard will protect the upper chest from bowstring friction.
• Worn over your clothes, it enables the bowstring to slide over a smooth surface without catching.

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2. Bow Accessories

These accessories will let you adapt your bow and improve your shooting accuracy.

The clicker lets you always shoot with the same draw length and perform more consistently.
• For beginners, the magnetic clicker is better suited because arrows are standard.
• For more seasoned archers looking for accuracy, a simple clicker plate is preferable.

Cushion Plunger
The cushion plunger helps to adjust arrow to make it go straighter at the point of release.
• To start off, you'll begin with a cushion plunger that is easy to adjust.
• Afterwards, you'll move on to a more sophisticated model with micrometric adjustment, therefore more precise thanks to a spring that dampens vibrations better.

• The sight lets you improve your shooting accuracy.
• If you want to increase your shooting distance, it's the indispensable accessory.

3. Arrow Accessories

These accessories will enable you to repair, personalise and/or improve your arrow.

The nock will set your arrow on the bowstring. Nocks come in several shapes depending on the shaft used and the diameter of the bowstring.
It is generally made of plastic and brightly coloured making it easier to spot your arrow on the target or when you lose it outdoors.

The shaft constitutes the main part of the arrow. There are different types of materials used:
• Fibreglass arrows will be resistant for bows with a lower draw weight and shorter shooting distance.
• Carbon arrows will be more fragile but lighter. It is preferable to use this type of arrow for long distance shooting.
• Aluminium arrows will be more solid but heavier. Best used for shooting indoors.
• Aluminium and carbon arrows are the perfect combinations of low weight and resistance.

There are two types of arrowheads:
• Steel points enable better penetration into foam or straw target bosses and flight through the air.
• Suction cup tip lets you get better grip on plastic target boss.

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