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How to Choose a Basketball Ball

To practice basketball, you will require specific balls for different environments.

To practice basketball, you will require specific balls for different environments whether it's an indoor environment on a covered ground, or outside, as part of a streetball game. Whatever your level of practice, your basketball will allow you to train and organize basketball games with family or friends. 

1. Age Of Players

The orange ball used in basketball was originally made with eight pieces of leather assembled around a tube.
Today, the technology and innovations allow multiple combinations to suit your needs.

For Adults

The official model of basketball for men is size 7.
For women, the size 6 model is official for Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) women's leagues.

For Children
There are also basketballs designed specifically for children. They range from size 1 to size 5. When choosing your basketball, TARMAK recommends that you follow the size criteria for the following ages:

- Between the ages of 2 and 4, TARMAK recommends that you choose a size 1 basketball.
- For a child aged between 4 and 6, U7 baby basket category, choose a size 3 ball.
- For girls and boys, between 7 and 10 years old, category U9 mini chicks and U11 chicks, choose size 5 . (But depending on the level and the clubs this may be for girls or boys between 4 and 6 years, category U7 baby basket)
- For boys between 11 and 12 years old, U13 category benjamins, size 6 will be the most suitable.
- For girls and women from 11 years old: size 6.
- And finally for boys from 13 years old to adulthood: size 7 official.

2. The Place Of Practice

Basketballs can be made in different materials such as traditional genuine leather, synthetic leather, composite leather, rubber and technical plastics. Basketballs made of rubber or technical plastics are more resistant and more durable on abrasive materials characteristic of the street, are generally preferred for use outdoors.

For indoor players only and regular practice, opt for a genuine leather ball that will provide a very good game on the floors and synthetic floors of the basketball halls.

Outdoors And Indoors
If you want to practice both in the gym and outside, choose a synthetic leather basketball that offers a very good rebound combined with great resistance.

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