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Best Electric Bikes: 2024 E-bikes

Like the idea of an e-Bike but not sure which one to go for? We’ll give you our pick of the best electric bikes for 2024.

E-Bikes may seem like the new kids on the block, but did you know the first electric bike was invented way back in 1897 - though they didn't catch on until much later? They were extremely heavy due to the electrically driven wheels, and you couldn't get very far because of the low range of the battery. But of course, they've come a long way since then, with the real breakthrough being the invention of the lithium-ion battery in 1991. The batteries ultimately became affordable thanks to the mass production of laptops, and now, one battery charge on an e-Bike can cover 100 kilometres or more! And so today, electric bikes are trendy all over the world.

It's easy to see why we've fallen in love with electric bikes. They're fun, fast and good for the environment. You don't need to be physically fit to ride an e-bike, and they're perfect for getting you to the office on time without breaking a sweat! They may look like your average bicycle, but there's more to them than meets the eye. Take a look at our article on 'Electric Bikes vs Normal Bikes' to compare the pros and cons of e-Bikes.

So, what are the best electric bikes? We'll go through the key features of the best eBikes and advise you on what you need to look out for when deciding which bike to buy.

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What Makes a Good E-Bike?

What are the key features to look for when buying an electric bike?

E-bikes are the future of cycling. That’s not to say they will replace regular bikes, but they offer another solution for commuters, older riders and those new to cycling. There are many different types of electric bikes, from handy folding bikes for commuting to sturdy and durable mountain bikes for tackling steep hills and rough terrain - it’s helpful to know what you’re going to be using an electric bike for.

A bicycle must have an electric motor and battery that kick in when you pedal. A bike will legally be considered a moped if a bar-mounted “throttle” or twist grip controls the power.

When buying an electric bike, consider how it is powered, the battery voltage and capacity, the weight it can support, and if it provides good value for money. These are the main things to look out for when buying an electric bike.

How is it Powered?

Most e-bikes are called pedal-assist, meaning the power kicks in when you pedal. Most pedal-assist systems can be adjusted for more or less assistance. Some bikes have a throttle which propels the bike forward instead, and a few bikes feature a combination of the two. So, knowing the difference between choosing the right e-bike for you and the right one is essential. In the UK and Europe, a pedal-assist e-bike must have a maximum power of 250Wh motor. The engine must stop assisting when you get over 15.5mph, but you can pedal your bike as fast as you like under your own steam. A throttle is only allowed for speeds up to a walking pace.

What's the difference between pedal-assist and throttle-powered e-bikes?
Most e-bikes are pedal-assist, meaning the power kicks in when you pedal. Throttle-powered e-bikes have a throttle that propels the bike forward without pedalling.

What's the Battery Voltage and Capacity?

A 36-volt battery is fine for flat areas and lighter riders, but a 48-volt battery will provide enough power to help climb hills and push heavier riders more easily. The next point to consider is the battery capacity. A higher-capacity battery will give you more range. But you should note that a higher level of power/assist will shorten the span. In most settings, however, you can expect to travel somewhere between 20 and 40 miles before you have to recharge the battery - though it is recommended that you charge your battery after each ride. Decathlon offers a 2-year warranty on all of its electric bike batteries.

How does the battery voltage and capacity affect an electric bike?
A higher voltage and capacity battery will provide more power and range. However, higher power/assist levels can shorten the battery's lifespan.

How Much Weight can the E-bike Support?

Electric bikes are built similarly to normal bikes, so the weight limits should be roughly the same. Most e-bikes can support someone who is 300 lbs, though manufacturers typically recommend a maximum weight of around 50 lbs lower than the actual maximum to ensure reliability. A heavier rider would wear down the e-bike much faster and potentially damage the wheels' spokes.

What is the weight limit for an electric bike?
Most electric bikes can support someone up to 300 lbs, but staying slightly below the maximum weight limit is recommended to ensure reliability.

Is it Good Value for Money?

With e-bikes, you generally get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better the battery life and the more powerful your motor will be—and you’ll want a good motor to tackle those hills. You’ll also usually get a better specification the more you pay. A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay around twice the price for an electric bike compared to its equivalent normal pedal bike. The extra charge is for your battery and motor.

Are electric bikes good value for money?
Generally, the more you pay for an electric bike, the better the battery life and motor power you'll get. Expecting to pay around twice the price compared to a normal pedal bike is recommended.

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What Are the Best Electric Bikes For 2024

We’ve hand-picked a range of electric bikes that offer the best benefits and qualities you should always look for in an e-bike, such as comfort, performance, versatility, and value for money.

Here's our handy list to help you decide which E-bike best suits your needs.

What is the Best Budget Electric Bike?

Electric hybrid bikes have flat bars, stable handling, and an upright position for comfort. They’re great for commuting or riding around the local park and perfect for picking up some shopping in town, as they often come with a pannier rack for carrying light loads.

Hybrid e-bikes are often the cheapest electric bikes and provide a good entry point. They tend to be heavier but stronger than other types, making them a great choice if you're after something strong and robust. The Elops 120e Electric City Bike is a great option.

Elops 120e Electric City Bike

This fully-equipped electric bike has a pannier rack, mudguard and built-in lighting. It’s ideal for short urban rides and encourages a straight-back position on the bike to guarantee excellent comfort. This electric assistance bike can run for up to 55km on a single charge—depending on the chosen power setting—helping you reach your destination more quickly and easily.


- Power: 36 volt rear wheel motor, 250-watt max, engine torque up to 35Nm.
- Battery: LG/Samsung lithium-ion cells, 30-60km range, 5 hours to a full recharge.
- Lighting: Built-in front and rear AXA lighting, 20 LUX intensity. It can be seen from 150m at the rear.
- Comfort: Straight back position on the bike to guarantee great comfort. Best Everyday Electric Bike

Elops 120E Electric City Bike

What is the Best Electric Bike for Everyday Use?

Electric bikes deliver carefree cycling for commuting, shopping, or leisure riding. When combining transport and exercise, a little electric assistance can help keep the balance right, ensuring your new electric bike is a great alternative to public transportation or hopping in the car.

Hybrid electric bikes will suit most riders. They're super versatile. Most are comfortable to ride on tarmac or gravel paths and will fit accessories like racks and mudguards. The low frame mid-drive motor electric hybrid bike E-ACTV 500 is a reliable choice.

Low Frame Mid-Drive Motor Electric Hybrid Bike E-ACTV 500

Experience the freedom of electric cycling with the ROCKRIDER Low-Frame Mid-Drive Motor Electric Hybrid Bike E-ACTV 500 and embark on your next adventure with confidence. Whether navigating city streets or tackling off-road trails, the E-ACTIV 500 provides a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Its sleek design, advanced technology and friendly operation make it an ideal choice for commuters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


- Battery Power: Up to 150 km (in eco mode). Built-in, removable battery.504 Wh capacity.
- Safety: LED lighting, disc brakes, reflective strip.
- Comfort: Adjustable handlebar position: stem adjusts from -10° to +60°. Front suspension.
- Puncture Resistance: Reinforced tyre with rubber and nylon protection. Puncture protection rating: 5/5.

Low Frame Mid-Drive Motor Electric Hybrid Bike E-ACTV 500

What is the Best Folding Electric Bike?

A compact electric folding bike could be the perfect solution if you want to commute or are just short on storage space at home. The motor will also help with longer commutes.

Folding electric bikes often have the battery hidden in their frames, or some may come with a removable battery to make the bike easier to carry on and off public transport. A removable battery also makes it easier to charge at your desk. Just beware that the extra weight of the motor and battery will make it slightly more awkward to carry your bike on/off trains and up/down stairs.

The beauty of folding electric bikes is that they are compact and convenient; that's exactly what the BTWIN E-Fold 500 electric bike has to offer. It's practical and ideal for weekday commutes and short rides on the weekend.

Electric Folding Bike E-Fold 500

This innovative BTWIN electric bike combines the convenience of its folding capabilities with the power of electric assistance, offering an easy and efficient way to navigate city streets and beyond.

Designed to be super easy to pack into your car or take on public transport. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transport, making it perfect for commuters with limited space or those who want to take their bike on public transportation. With a powerful electric motor, the E-FOLD 500 provides smooth and effortless pedal assistance, helping you conquer hills and cover longer distances with ease.


- Efficiency: Shimano Tourney 6-speed. Grip shifter for changing gear.
- Power: Take on false flats and steep bridges with ease with the motor's 35Nm of torque
- Battery range: 36V / 7Ah (252 Wh) pannier-rack-mounted battery with a range of 30 km to 50 km.
- Comfort: Steel frame, wide saddle, ergonomic grips and adjustable stem.

BTWIN Electric Folding Bike E-Fold 500 Unboxing

Best Long-Distance Electric Bike

The ultimate long-distance bike is designed to simplify your life, whether commuting to work or leisurely cycling around town. This automatic electric bike can easily take you from point A to point B and everywhere in between. Thanks to its incredibly smooth pedalling and automatic transmission, there's no need to worry about changing gears or excessive pedalling, allowing you to confidently cruise and enjoy a smooth ride with minimal effort.
Discover the innovative power of the LD 920 E's built-in Owuru motor, with a torque of 65 Nm at 250 W, perfect for those rushed mornings and days when time is of the essence.

Product image of the BTWIN Long-Distance Automatic Electric City Bike LD 920 E
  • A close-up of the colour display screen

    Integrated colour display screen.

  • Moving image of the Owuru Motor parts

    Powerful Owuru automatic motor.

  • Best Electric Bikes: 2024's e-Bikes

    Smartphone connectivity for GPS and pinned location.

When it comes to bikes in general, lightweight options tend to be more expensive due to the use of carbon materials and components. With electric bikes most of the weight accumulates due to the weight of the battery and motor, that's why we've made it our mission to find more sophisticated solutions to reduce the weight of our electrical components in order to create an e bike that is lightweight and easy to use without compromising on the battery power and motor.

What is the Best Lightweight Electric Bike

Electric Gravel Bike E-GRVL AF HD Mahle X35

Introducing the Van Rysel Electric Gravel Bike E-GRVL AF HD Mahle X35, a high-performance electric bike designed for adventurous riders seeking versatility and power on any terrain. This innovative electric gravel bike combines the rugged capabilities of a gravel bike with the efficiency and convenience of electric assistance, offering an unparalleled riding experience for off-road exploration and long-distance touring.

- Motor Power: Light, compact Mahle X35+ motor with 3 levels of assistance and 40Nm torque.
- Easy-to-use: Keep control with the assistance controls on the handlebar.
- Versatility: Hutchinson Touareg 700x45 tyres, SRAM Apex 1x11 groupset, endurance position.

Electric Gravel Bike E-GRVL AF HD Mahle X35

What is the Best Electric Mountain Bike?

An electric mountain bike will get you to the top of those hills quicker and easier than a conventional MTB, so you’ll have more energy to enjoy the descents. Recent improvements in e-MTB performance mean better handling for flat-out riding fun.

Just remember that the extra weight of the electrical components can make handling more tricky compared to standard mountain bikes, particularly in technical sections, so it’s a good idea to get the bike's feel before you attempt anything too challenging.

All in all, electric mountain bikes provide easier hill climbs and better handling for enjoyable rides. The ROCKRIDER 29" full suspension electric mountain bike E-Expl 520 S  electric mountain bike is a great choice as it's designed for rough and hilly terrain.

29" Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike E-Expl 520 S

Designed for thrill-seekers and adventurers looking to conquer rugged trails with ease. This cutting-edge electric mountain bike combines the agility and performance of a full-suspension MTB with the power and convenience of electric assistance, offering an exhilarating riding experience on any terrain. Equipped with a powerful electric motor and a reliable battery system, the E-EXPL 520 S provides seamless pedal assistance, enabling riders to tackle steep climbs and rough descents with confidence. Its full-suspension frame absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on the most challenging trails.


- Power: 460 W Brose T motor with 70 Nm of torque.
- Comfort: 140mm suspensions, wide tyres
- Battery: Ride up to 80 km on fairly flat ground with the internal 500 Wh battery.
- Smooth Pedalling: The built-in motor automatically assists you when needed. Perfect for MTBing.
- Connectivity: Download the Decathlon Ride app to unleash the bike's full potential.

Product image of the ROCKRIDER 29" Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike E-Expl 520 S

The Best Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes are incredibly versatile, capable of carrying a wide range of goods and cargo. Whether you're transporting groceries, running errands, or hauling bulky items, a cargo bike provides a convenient and practical solution for various everyday tasks.

cargo bikes offer a practical and enjoyable way to get around town while promoting health, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on transportation costs, or simply enjoy the freedom of pedal-powered mobility, the BTWIN rear loading electric longtail cargo bike R500Ecargo bike could be the perfect choice for you.

Rear Loading Electric Longtail Cargo Bike R500E

Introducing the Rear Loading Electric Longtail Cargo Bike R500E, a versatile and efficient transportation solution for urban commuters and families alike. This innovative cargo bike combines the functionality of a longtail design with the convenience and power of electric assistance, offering a practical and easy way to transport goods and passengers with ease. With its rear-loading platform, the R500E provides ample space for shopping, luggage, or even small children, making it ideal for running errands or family outings.


- Volume: 170 kg (excl. bike weight)80 kg max on pannier rack10 kg max on front basket.
- Ease of use: Electrical assistance up to 25 km/h, with start assistance up to 6 km/h.
- Battery: Lithium-Ion 48 V 14 Ah battery (capacity 672 Wh)Autonomy of 50 Km to 90 Km.
- Adaptability: Compatible with Decathlon accessories (baby carrier, bag, pannier, cushion)

product image of Rear Loading Electric Longtail Cargo Bike R500E

What Type of Electric Bike Should I go For?

As we've seen, many different types of electric bikes are on the market. What type of e-Bike you go for is a personal choice, but the riding you'll be doing should be crucial in choosing which bike to buy.

The best electric bikes are now lighter, more powerful, and better looking than ever. You don't need to be physically fit to ride one; they get you outside. The best electric bikes are suitable for the planet and are fun, too - so what's not to love?

Like regular pedal bikes, the best eBikes come with many technical specs that may or may not be necessary to you. But one question you should always ask is: What kind of drive does the bike have? More affordable e-Bikes use hub motor drives, meaning the motor is in the hub of the bike's wheel. Mid-drive motors, like Bosch or Shimano systems, are in the bike's centre and transfer the power to the wheel through the chain. Mid-drive motors feel more natural as you pedal, and they balance the bike's weight better. The battery range is also an essential factor, so check the bike's technical specs, as a higher-capacity battery will mean a better range (depending on the assistance level you choose).

So, why not try a few different types of electric bikes in the store? Don't forget to ask our expert sales assistants lots of questions so you can be sure you're choosing the right e-Bike to suit you. At Decathlon, we make sport accessible to all, and we can help you choose the ideal electric bike to help you go faster and ride for longer.

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