Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes

Trail running presents it’s own set of challenges and requires high performance trail running shoes to match. Uneven and rocky inclines require more grip, and supportive cushioning is needed around the feet and ankles to prevent injury

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Find the best shoes for you

Find the best shoes for you

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For shoes that work as hard as you do, our range of high performance mens and womens trail running shoes offer the support and grip required for trail and fell running. Flexible and cushioned soles offer bounce back which will keep up with you through every step. Decathlon’s range of womens and mens trail running shoes offer superior slip protection thanks to specially placed lugs on the sole so you can remain stable.

When choosing your new trail running shoes, it is important to remember that your foot will move in the shoe as you run, usually by a few millimeters. By choosing a shoe with some room to accommodate this movement you will actively reduce the chance of blisters and sore feet.

If you’ve mastered the trails and are ready to conquer the streets, find the perfect pair of road running shoes for you.

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