Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis Equipment

If you're passionate about playing table tennis, why not start a club (we've got the court dividers, ball launchers and bats you need) or invest in your very own table - indoor or outdoor - for at home. We even have a portable net you can set up on any kind of table, great for the garden and travel.

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All the kit for table tennis

Welcome to the Decathlon Table Tennis Shop, whether you call it table tennis, ping pong or whiff-waff (that's the Victorian nickname given to table tennis in case you didn't know!), this fast and furious bat and ball game is perfect for all ages and abilities. And now, thanks to our fantastic table tennis range, you can play at home, at work or wherever you have the space.

The range of table tennis tables, bats and balls at Decathlon will ensure you are ready for a quick game or tournament whenever the mood takes you. We also sell table tennis clothing for those who really want to look the part.

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