Swim Bags

Swim Bags

Find the perfect swim bag to keep your swimming essentials safe and sound. Our range is fitted with water-resistant qualities, durable material to prevent tears and feature designs to boast about, whether you’re at the pool or taking a trip to the beach.

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Make sure you have everything you need with our all-inclusive poolside accessories range that’ll guarantee pure comfort as you dip into the water, flex your swimming with or without a little help from our adult training aids or lay on the poolside for some-much needed relaxation.

Pool Towels

What’s a pool visit without your dedicated towel to accompany you? Our range of pool towels is one of our favourites in our swimming shop. Made of tiny microfibers featuring a blend of polyester and polyamide bring you unrivalled absorption to get you dry quickly and easily. Not only that, but our microfibre towels make for a more hygienic option than your traditional beach towel as they absorb as well as release moisture far quicker — avoiding becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

These are also a travel-friendly option. With traditional beach towels taking up massive amounts of space in your swim bag that’s already packed with your swimming essentials and swimwear, our microfibre alternative is a fraction of the size of a regular towel in both thickness, weight and dimensions – because that’s all you need.

Poolside Flip-Flops

Swimming pool flip-flops are a must for every visit. From safety reasons to hygiene, our flip-flops will provide the grip you need to prevent any mishaps when walking the slippery surface. Easy to put on and take off when you’re ready to get into the water, we don’t let up on design either. Our flip-flops come in a variety of designs and prints, so you can find your fit not just in shoe size but aesthetics, while kitted out with pure comfort.

Stay lightweight and flexible as you enjoy an impressive drying time of only 10 minutes to last you through the long haul.

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