Scooter Accessories

Scooter Accessories

Stock up on spare parts or make your scooter unique to you with our wide range of scooter accessories and spares. Stay seen as you glide with reflective stickers and light up wheels or change up the grips for freestyle control.

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Stickers Oxelo - Flowers
Stickers Oxelo - Flowers
B1 Scooter Shell - Pink
B1 Scooter Shell - Pink
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Don’t get caught out! You never know when spare parts are going to come in handy, but Decathlon’s range of scooter accessories and spares will keep you covered. From wheels and pegs to screws and brakes we have everything you’ll need to keep your inline scooter feeling like new. Store and carry your scooter securely with a carry bag and rack, suitable for kids or adults sizes. Bring the little ones on board with one of Oxelo’s child carriers. Easy to attach and double the family fun!

If you’re looking to customise your pro scooter, we also have a range of stunt scooter parts suitable for taking your tricks to the next level. With the wear and tear that comes with freestyle skating, replacing worn out parts is necessary to keep your scooter in top condition.

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