Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes

With wider tyres to manage rougher terrains, Decathlon’s gravel bikes are ideal for adventures and taking you where your road bike can’t. Why not explore our range of gravel bikes, including options from brands like Triban and Van Rysel.

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One of the most versatile bikes, gravel bikes are multi-purpose, stemming from their dual wheel size compatibility that accommodates a number of tyre options. Similar in looks to a road bike (until you get up close), gravel bikes are suitable for all-weather and mixed terrains.

Sometimes called ‘beyond road’, ‘drop-bar-multi-surface’, ‘adventure’, and ‘monster road’, gravel bikes have virtually limitless uses. Sturdier than featherweight road bikes yet slimmer than beefy mountain bikes, gravel bikes arm riders with the freedom to pedal both on and off-road.

Getting out and on a gravel bike is all about epic exploration. When the terrain gets rough and uneven, comfort is a priority. That means choosing the right type of handlebar is key. Is a gravel bike with a flat bar or a drop bar the right fit for you?

Discover our quality range of gravel bikes for sale, with options including carbon and aluminium frames, 11 speeds and tubeless-compatible wheels and tyres.


Looking for a gravel bike under £1000? You’ve come to the right place. Our range includes choices for all budgets, including wallet-friendly gravel bikes under £600 up to models closer to £2000. For more of our range, check out our high-performance gravel and touring bikes, our trail-ready mountain bikes, our versatile hybrid bikes and our lightweight road bikes.

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