Bike Parts

Bike Parts

Would your bike pass a roadworthy test? Find all the bike parts you need to keep your ride in tip-top condition here at Decathlon. From road to mountain bike parts, we’ve got it all.

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SPD-Compatible Cleats
SPD-Compatible Cleats
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All bikes need maintaining to ensure they stay road-worthy and safe, and give you the best ride. Our range of bike parts are here to make replacing damaged or tired parts a breeze. We’ve got pedals and saddles, through to handlebar grips and electric bike parts.

Rather than simply maintaining your bicycle, we also have bike parts to improve and upgrade. Comfortable, state-of-the-art saddles, for example, can make long rides significantly more comfortable. While a frame upgrade could make your bike lighter and therefore faster.

We have road, mountain bike and BMX parts so no matter your style of cycling, you’ll be able to find what you need with Decathlon.

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