Family Tents

Family Tents

A family tent could be the start of your next family camping adventure. Whether you’re a small family or large family, our award-winning range of tents from Quechua has something for everyone. These large tents are the ideal base for your summer holiday to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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How To Choose The Right Family Camping Tent?

How To Choose The Right Family Camping Tent?

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TentBox Classic Roof Tent (Black & Grey)
TentBox Classic Roof Tent (Black & Grey)
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TentBox Classic Roof Tent (Black & Grey)

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What to consider when buying a family tent

A family tent is an investment. Always make sure the tent you choose has all the features and space that you will need for your family holiday. Consider whether you’re happy with a single bedroom, or would two or more work better? Consider whether you want a front living space or a living space in the centre of the tent. A large part of making family camping enjoyable is feeling comfortable, and choosing the right tent for your needs can go a long way to helping with that.

Types of tent

There are so many types of tent out there, but which is right for you? Here’s a brief overview of each to consider:

  • Poled Tents: Tents with fibreglass poles, the tents we all know and love. Usually the most cost-effective style of tent with a variety of options in shape and size.
  • Pop Up Tents: Pop up tents take all the effort out of pitching a tent, and are popular with families who aren’t comfortable pitching a poled tent. These tents often don’t pack down quite as small.
  • Inflatable Tents: These tents replace poles with air beams and are incredibly easy to pitch for first-time campers. They can cost a little more than a standard tent.

What size tent do I need?

You’ve probably seen terms like 6 man tent’ and ‘5 person tent’ these sizes are usually based on how many people can lay side by side in the bedroom area. If you’re heading on a week-long camping holiday, you’ll need some extra space for your luggage and to not feel cramped. Always opt for at least one size up on how many people plan to use the tent. Family of 4? Consider a five or six-man tent, etc.; this will ensure a more comfortable stay.

Fresh&Black Technology

If you’re camping with small children, then keep an eye out for Fresh&Black technology as a feature on some Quechua tents. This blackout tent technology helps to keep the bedroom section of the tent stay dark, making it easier to sleep past early morning light. The four-layer fabric design also helps keep the inside of the tent cooler as well, which is ideal for those hot summer days.

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